Torrente - Home

Torrente - Home (ESP-5000)

ESP-5000 is the high-end sparkling water purifier that provides chilled /hot / ambient and bold level chilled sparkling water having triple step filters. You can feel the convenience of digital as well as professional emotions at home. Simply provide a water line, electricity source, and a CO2 tank.
Fully automatic digital control
Space efficient slim and compact design (Height:440mm)
Supply chilled &hot & ambient and bold level fresh sparkling water
Elegant style hygienic sparkling water tap and convenient soft touch button system
Apply own-patented high performance sparkling water resolving device that implements the best sparkling taste [bold level]
One-cup and continuous water flow-out mode (Hot/ Chilled/ Ambient water)
Easy one-cup volume setting mode
Easy filter replacement (Self replacement available)
Water-shortage and CO2 gas-shortage alarm function
Two types of CO2 aluminum cylinder and regulator (Option)
Dashboard mockup
Compact size

17.3"(44.0 cm) height and 10.2”(26.0cm) width to fit on countersunder standard cabinets


Working panel

Touch interface Supply chilled, hot and ambient water Easy one-cup volume setting One cup and continuous mode
Touch interface

Sparkling water tap

Hygienic full body Stainless material sparkling water Tap
Includes flow rate valve
Beer-like Sparkling Water tap

4 steps interlock type water filters

Composite(sediment + carbon)/UF membrane/Block carbon filters
Easy replacement interlock type
Self replace interlock type filters

Aluminum CO2 cylinder

Various types of CO2 cylinders are available
(1.0 / 2.0 / 3.2L...)
Various types of CO2 cylinders
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